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Mission /Goals
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Focusing on achievement!
for DPC Interntional Energy, LLC ....
    • Acquire mineral assets on one per three- and five-year cycles - oil and/or gas;
      • producing assets to have minimum of three (3) years remaining reserve life
      • assets to have recompletion targets (Proven-undeveloped reserves)
      • second asset to have exploitation potential
    • Acquire one (1) producing asset with exploration potential on cycles of two and five years
    • Acquire exploration acreage on five (5) year cycles
    • Portfolio to include balanced mix of "tax & royality" and "PSC" properties


    • Build-out at a rate tracking the acquisition load time-line

Production Management (new acquisitions)

    • Target properties exhibiting characteristics for upside potential realizable within one (1) year of purchase


for DPC Intenational Energy consulting services to the client ....

    • Supplement client's in-house expertise for the operational needs of the client through a network of experienced operational experts
    • Upstream Project Development
      • with a focus on assisting new entrants to "developing countries" and resident operating organizations
      • provide coordinating management oversight and strategy development
      • production operations audits
    • Production Sharing Contracts (PSC's)
      • Deliver life-of-asets strategies to clients who are new entrants to PSC commercial environments
      • Formulate close-out strategies for end-of-life assets


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