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An overarching credo to design, organize, operate with a "fit-for-purpose" posture targeting business sustainability, while maintaining an uncompromising position with respect to safety and the environment!

A look at Executive Management & Expertise....
  • Petroleum Engineering degreed, ennhanced with over 40 years industry experience
  • Executive management experience in publicly traded company
  • Global experience - 10 major oil and gas regions:  Australia, Far East Russia, Gulf of Mexico, Middle East, New Zealand, North & West Africa, North Sea, Nova Scotia Offshore, SE Asia, West Texas 
  • Corporate culture being a product of mid-sized and major O&G company cultures
  • Top quality "hands on" operations and engineering management skills
  • Multi-commercial environments, i.e., "Tax & Royalty" and "Production Sharing Agreements"
  • Developing countries' integrated operations management
  • Strategy development in complex geopolitical, multi-national settings
  • Multi-phase life-cycle expertise:  Start-up/Growth, Mature Ops, Decline/Exit
  • Unsurpassed international business ethics
  • Project phase development and management on projects of over $1 billion
  • Focused on obtaining local resource skill set for operations
  • Multiple operating environments experience:  Onshore & Offshore; Sweet & Sour crude; High and sub-normal geologic pressure profiles
  • Emergency management
  • Deepwater well containment contingency planning 
  • Government liaison - USA and international  


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