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To our client --

“Building-out a new production organization or identifying efficiency improvements of an existing one, employing the use of diversely experienced oil and gas managers yields the most complete result.  However, many Oil and Gas Companies are finding themselves short of that type of person.  We can provide engineering-degreed O&G practioners who have a “can do” attitude in the business of producing oil and gas assets efficiently to a “fit for purpose” paradigm, including the often times under emphasized requirement for “preparedness”, in achievement of cost effectiveness, safety, and environmental stewardship.


Oil and gas experience can be derived through many means for individuals in the Industry, but the best teacher is experience derived working for a company who is an operator.  DPC IE experience is centered on that mode.  Whether auditing production operations for efficiency improvements or simply filling a short term need in an organization, DPC IE can help.  Cross-functional experience includes that of Drilling, Production Operations, & Production Engineering; Incident Command; Project /Asset Management; in “stand-alone” & “simultaneous operations”, offshore & onshore, benign & harsh environments, in Production Sharing and Tax & Royalty regimes.


DPC IE will provide an experienced-based view of your operations and work to the highest ethical standards accorded our Industry.  For our clients, I am confident enough of our abilities to say that we’ll profit through the identity of client-agreed, material efficiency improvements in your operations, or gratefully acknowledge the pleasure of having worked for you with only expenses being paid.”



Dave Coatney

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