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David P Coatney


EXPERIENCE: 34 years O & G Industry–Up & Mid-stream; 29 yrs (15- Int’l) Marathon Oil Co; 3 yrs (2 Int’l) Swift.


ROLES: VP, Production; Gas Field Dev – War zone; LNG Ops – FEED; Prodn Mgmt; GM - Syria & Egypt; Engrg Mgmt; Field Ops Mgmt; Platform Mgmt–North Sea; Ops Supv’n; Drilling Supv’n; & Prodn Engrg.


FUNCTIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Asset Mgmt - Strategy development, profit /loss mgmt; HSE compliance; Libya Re-Entry; USA Fed and Local Govt relations; Prodn contracts negotiations; Disposition negotiations /closings, Acquisition evals, Arbitration coord’n; Prodn Organization budget mgmt; Drill Stem Testing, Reserves certification, Prod’n Geology; Petrophysics; Field dev / partner interfaces; Field / prod’n implementation; and drlg design.


Geographical responsibilities – OffShore & onshore: New Zealand, SE Asia, Middle East (Syria, Iraq), North Africa (Egypt, Tunisia, Libya), West Africa (Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria), Australia, Far East Russia (Sakhalin Island), India, UK, Canada, Texas, and Gulf of Mexico.


COMMERCIAL OIL & GAS ENVIRONMENTS: Tax & Royalty and PSC’s; War-zone reconstruction



Vice-President, Production: USA Gulf of Mexico inland & offshore.  Introduced engrg stds, operational protocols /efficiencies, accountability & PSM improvements, as part of a change agenda.  Lead initiative to join an O&G Industry alliance for engrg dev.  Initiated org efficiency improvements in Res & Prodn Engrg


Fast-track Field Dev’mt Coordination: - Central Iraq – War Zone; Mansuria Gas Field; Strategy & scope dev’mt - implementation; Multi-well reconstruction /testing /drlg /3D seismic; ID /Procure integrated well services; Contracts negotiation, strategy dev /audit; Interfaces: US Gov, Bechtel Sr. Mgmt, Iraqi Min of Oil, & Integrated Svcs Provider


Project Coordinator–EG LNG FEED: –­­­­ Ops design; OPEX / Manpower; Project controls – schedule, budget; Decision Support Package


Manager – Int’l Prod / GM - Syria: JOA & PSC oversight; safety stds of business units; Country Mgr relief; rep of the VP’s office; Corp optimization initiatives; Int’l budget mgmt; Syrian strategy; dispositions / closing activities lead negotiator - Egypt, Tunisia, and Indonesia assets, FPSO charter agr’mt negotiator; Incident Commander


Engineering Mgr – International: Reservoir & production engineering; reservoir geology & petrophysics; partner relations; 12 developing countries; 25 personnel.


Engineering Mgr – Yates Field: Coordinate reservoir & production engineering: partner management; catalyzed first full field reservoir model initiative; 18 professionals


Operations Superintendent (Yates Field): General mgmt - engineering, administration, integrated field & gas plant; OPEX optimization; 100,000 BOPD; 100 MMCFD; 600,000 BWPD; 180 personnel


Offshore Installation Mgr: Responsible for simultaneous (two drilling rigs) activities and prodn, including Drlg, Construction, Maintenance, Utilities, Logistics, HSE: 128,000 BOPD; 100,000 BWPD; 60 MMCFD; 408 persons


Operations Engineering Supv: Gulf of Mexico; Prod / Ops Engrg; wellbore constr’n; DST’s; 20 personnel


Production Engineering - Drilling Engineer / Foreman: Gulf of Mexico; Company Rep; workovers / drilling; platforms, jack-ups, submersibles, semi-submersibles; infield and exploratory.


Career Special Projects:

Post-fire well control team of 30-well offshore platform emergency kill operation– 1981

Design team of world’s only full-scale working gravel-pack model – 1982

Incident Commander & Reconstruction Mgr of Yates Field following catastrophic storm – 1990

Core team member re-designing Marathon’s IT managed-environment – 1997

Incident Commander of first Emergency Strike Team to do full-scale drill on Sakhalin Is – 1998


EDUCATION: B.Sc.- Petroleum Engineering, Louisiana State University – 1973-1977


LANGUAGES: Fluent in English; Familiar with French and Spanish




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